GH Exclusive Mix: Alexis Cabrera [live]

The sixth installment of GH Exclusive Mix comes from Alexis Cabrera, the Argentinian producer based in Berlin.
Recorded earlier this year at Atipic’s Label Night at the club, the live act reveals Alexis craftsmanship on modular synthesis, delivering a heady meld of peculiar electronic dance music loosely forming tech-house and electro, without conforming to either.
The set takes groove as its jumping off point, using it as a route into music that is deeply satisfying and sometimes truly transcendental. The heavy-hitting, evolving beat becomes intertwined with euphoric pads that set the tone for the whole mix - an adventurous approach to rhythm and percussion.
Performing exclusively live, his style can best be defined as a tech-house sound with groovy bases. While progressing into the mix, Alexis is balancing as good as he can the drums and bassline, while adding harmonic elements such as chords, pads, arpeggios, vocals or percussions with melody connotations. At points, the electro beat is piercing, but the hazy breakdowns are the real star here.
Addicted to the freeform experimentation, Alexis Cabrrera is reimagining his previous productions as they each morph and warp the tracks into something new entirely. His style without any doubt evolves in the most renowned league of producers of Argentina, growing to be quite popular among those who enjoy a well performed live set.
Check out Alexis Cabrera’s GH Exclusive Mix for a rapid-deployment endorphin hit.