Our adoration of the finest dancing fuel - the Artisanal bar experience

Drinking in all its forms is a social lubricant. Nightclubs are a setting in which young adults purposefully seek out experiences and try to unwind from the weekly routine full of responsibilities, deadlines pressure and rules. One of the key ways of achieving this is to consume the ‘right’ sorts of drinks in the ‘right’ kind of places.

The quality of your drinks can make or break your entire evening - although of course quantity and liquors matching also play a fundamental role in this game. Long ago we’ve come to realise that offering only carefully selected drinks will give the best premise to leave our guests fresh for the upcoming working days - especially when our parties usually end late on Sunday after hours. Avoiding heavy hangovers means they will enjoy going out more often, enhancing the overall club experience.

‘The Kitchen - Artisanal bar’ - spread across its own living room at Guesthouse - is hosting the crowd that comes for a convivial night, morning or afternoon of quality drinking experience, to relax and share ideas, as a little refuge from the dancefloor’s intensity. The facility features a long bar and a social space highlighted by tall ceilings, large skylights and lush greenery climbing on the walls, assembling into an ideal gathering hotspot to hang out and quench your thirst.

Gone are the days when a shot of tequila or a Cuba Libre were the only options for a boozy night out at the club. Thanks to our eternal love for drinking and our continuous research trying out all sorts of happiness elixirs, but also our group of talented mixologists — the Kitchen is our foreign-friendly bar that offers a tipple for all types, from hand-crafted cocktails to your new favorite shot. Let’s highlight our specialties, shall we?

One of our strengths stays in traditional, low tirage artizanal liquors that are specific to a certain region. Obviously, our bar has various choices of traditional Romanian drinks, palinca Zetea & other liquor specialties favoring fruit-based products such as visinata, cocazata, afinata and the only breveted Romanian liquor called Silvoriu. They all have a distinctive taste that it’s a must to try at least once in this lifetime. And frankly, we’re almost sure they’re one of the reasons our crowd can keep up so long..

Ibiza is a must look-out spot for partying tips & tricks. Hierbas Ibicencas is an herbal liqueur made on the island with different herbs and botanicals, integrating its classic forest flavors

Moving further to a specialty coming from Mexico, we have introduced to our bar Mezcal, a drink made from agave, having a fresh assortment and a light body with notes of raisins, bananas, and vanilla.

Slovakia also developed a special recipe called Tatratea, consisting of a mixture of black tea, natural extracts from plants and fruits, and pure water from the Tatra Mountains. It’s available at different alcohol intensities, from 22% to 72%, and it tastes great by itself, or as a long drink.

More and more, people are looking for diversity in drink options that are complex, experiential and deliver a wide array of flavors - without alcohol. We are equally taking care of heavy drinkers as we do with our soft drinkers. Our altruistic aim is to combine all these disparate elements into a cohesive flow. Sometimes you’re able to join the party just for a few hours, so we’ve made sure there are plenty of non-alcoholic options for these times as well.

At the Artisanal bar you’ll find tasty and healthy cold pressed juices to raise your energy levels. Our goodies are created by mixing ginger, berries, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi pineapple, pear, cucumber or mint. Freshly pressed pineapple goes stunning with rum or vodka also, in case you’re in between having a fresh and an alcoholic drink.

Since our afterhours go deep in the afternoon, it’s not uncommon to come to the club after taking a proper sleep. Why not serve bio tea or coffee at our spot, with the usual variety of espresso, cappuccino or cold brew - the last two being available with rice milk also. We’ve got you covered, don’t we?

When it comes to soft drinks, our picks go towards more natural, low-sugar and additive free beverages, such as vitamin waters, Fritz Cola, Fever Tree, and the locally made Kofi Ti.

Since the opening of the Artisanal bar in 2016, it became a real hotspot for both locals and visitors who come as much for the music and sound quality as they do for the drinks variety. This Artisanal bar looks like the lab of a crazy chemist, and it might not be far from the truth: wonderful craft cocktails are created here.
Discuss your elixir and flavors of choice with whomever's shaking things up. The bartenders will point you in the right direction—and most likely toward something unique—if you're unsure where to start.