9 years of us - GH

Our story began 9 years ago in December 2010, by being an intimate cultural spot addressed to electronic music & related events in Bucharest. Everything started with lots of passion and few resources at the intriguing house located on Traian 42, where “less is more” concept was implemented from its core, our place making a name for its authentic underground experience.
The transition from a living room to a proper club started taking place in November 2013 in the industrial context of a former textile factory. The current space reflects through it’s sound-system’s clarity the whole range of emotions and stories that the invited artists want to propagate. The limited audience & quality programming crafted a certain aura around the concept, propelling some of the most thrilling memories of our lifetime.
But what we love most about our home is whom we share it with. We want to say a full-hearted thank you for stepping in our home and becoming part of our family. We’ll celebrate the 9 years of writing history together with Cezar, djMasda, G76, Kozo and Praslea - make sure you join us for a drink and dance in this peculiar special anniversary weekend.
There are certain tracks that conjure the feeling of our engulfing dancefloors, be it at Traian 42 or Popa Nan 82 Street. Some feel ageless, while others perfectly distil the energy of a musical movement or a moment in time. These 9 team-picked tracks have been on heavy rotation since we’ve first heard them sporting our soundsystem at the club. We’re pretty sure they’ll cast a smile when you’ll (re)play them.

Moby - Go | Rhadoo at Traian 42

2012 - Melchior Production LTD - Don Juan(perl65) | Rhadoo at Traian 42

2013 - Mary Kvien Brunwall - Everywhere you Go [ricardo Villalobos remix] | Praslesh at Popa Nan 82 - Opening party

2014 - Charlie - Spacer Woman | Rhadoo

2015 - DHS - From Outerspace | Onur Ozer at NYE

2016 - Grupul Stereo - Plopi Impari [ Andu Simion & Chasindub Edit ] | Priku

2017 - Florence - Vineyard [Peter ford remix] | Ricardo b2b Raresh private afterparty

2018 - Chaka Khan - Ain’t Nobody - Margaret Dygas closing Get Perlonized

2019 - Strafe - Set It Off | Sammy Dee - Closing Get Perlonized