For the record: S.A.M.

For The Record 'is one of the GH Blog series which is dedicated to digging. For each episode, the team at Guesthouse asks one artist to select ten tracks, all playing on a theme of their choice. We turned to S.A.M. ahead of his performance at the club this weekend for his collection of 10 records and a selected topic.
"You are sent to an intimate party to play. At the time of your arrival you are told that the crowd is mostly musicians, producers and truly passionate people in our music. How would you make them dance?"


Geoquest - Symphony
Grabs the attention because it clearly has a vibe to communicate from the 'get go' without falling into any obvious patterns. Saving the boom-tchi-clap for later.


The Orb - Asylum (Blood Sugar's Mix 1)
This Blood Sugar Mix will take the emotion down into a more easily digestible groove but with intriguing sounds and mix all introduced little by little.


Exquisite Corpse - BKS
Enter the Percussion. Some more advanced rhythmical patterns. More busy in the high's plus we see a melody arrive. 


Pluto - Free To Run (Bullet Mix)
More power. Deep but with more powerful beats that will stand out.


Derek Carter - Enjoy It (Shock Therapy)
Enforce. There's no need to force, only enforce. At the same time as the 909 provides a fuller drum sound the vacuum of tonal elements creates suspense and leaves a pocket open for the next track.


Nubian Mindz - Be Allrite
From deep down the music enters on top of a super dope smashing beat. Musical release! 


Nehpets - Just As I Am
Don't wanna escalate prematurely if you know what I mean, so taking it down a notch with this unique little nugget from Chicago.


Nuages - Sfumato
Pure F Communications old school deepness and grooves by the Parisian legends, Ludovic Navarre and Shazz. Sweaty.


Eamonn Doyle - F8 and Be There
Up the quirk. Eamonn Doyle delivering his awesomeness. Full deep groove with lots of tension and the bass line melody that comes in midway just adds so much funk and quirkiness.


AFX - W32.Deadcode.A
From the Analord series this AFX track adds a superiority to the quirk and just fuels the imagination and fills the room with inspiration, which, after all, musicians, producers and people from our scene love the most.


I hope you enjoy this little intimate selection.