For the record: Miss I

For The Record 'is one of the GH Blog series which is dedicated to digging. For each episode, the team at Guesthouse asks one artist to select ten tracks, all playing on a theme of their choice. We turned to Miss I ahead of her Misbits record store 7 years anniversary for a collection of 10 records and a selected topic.
"Years ago you dedicated yourself to music. Digging, listening, playing records, listening again. How would you describe the past 7 years of Misbits through the cornerstones of your record collection?” 
Miss I: 7 years of a dream come true, where all my desires became Misbits. A while I was so deep in the shop that i forgot a bit of myself...everybody thinks that if you have a record shop you have all records you want... on one side it's true, but I wanted to have good music in the shop not just for myself :))) also I had the chance to listen much more music and this helped me a lot, listening to other genres it's a big plus for general culture and I think everyone should do this. Honestly when i'm thinking now... back in the days I was buying more records for myself, now when I receive a new order in the shop I can choose few records.. but not all the time. I sometimes do a little record shopping for myself, as I need different stuff from what I sell in the shop :)

Here I did a selection of 10 tracks with music that I listen day by day or play in my sets :D

Ethereal Logic - Early Reflections
With this kind of track I can easily start one of my sets :)
DJ Sports - Phases of Winds
Dj sports can give me strong emotions and make me energized with all his productions, even the slower ones
Fenomenon - Sleepy Meadows Of Buxton
Downtempo grooves can fit in my day by day mood all the time
Primary Perception - Cosmic Waves (Ethereal Logic Remix) 
I really like the construction of this track, very experimental sounds at the beginning and then it's going in different directions, from downtempo to a bit of electro techno and can drive you to different states of mind :)
Sara K - Hell or High Water
Mhmm this track... I think it's a bit sad but at the same time motivating somehow...
A-C Leonte - Flow
We’re passing to another mood now - a bit more uplifting. When I wake up or when I have to do something at home I play this kind of downtempo groove with liquid drum/n/bass. This girl & her band are amazing by the way, Romanians!!
Metamatics - Raytrax
This track is also a super fine drum'n'bass, I don't know in what kind of conditions you can listen to this actually but it's giving me a feeling...
Claro Intelecto - Patience
This is my minimal side :))
Giraffi Dog - 351 Nation
I found this track a few days ago, i really dig this electro vibes :D probably i'll play it on Saturday!!
A.G. - Hidden Crates [Prod. Dj Greyboy]
In the end, hip hop will never die for me :D