Here. We. Go.

We're gearing up for a new clubbing season - in our 13th year of activity. Capturing fresh narratives that echo the intimacy and embrace of Timpuri Noi's dance floor. Some evenings ahead will be etched as timeless, while others crystallize the essence of a musical epoch or a fleeting moment.

September 23 marks the season-opening featuring Cap, Christian AB and Raresh for an all-nighter (and some more). Each weekend will be followed by an in-house curated program, with slots for esteemed local artists, complemented by internationally known artists. 


Giving you a sneak peek, come November, we'll be diving into the "Perlonized" vibe. This autumn will be also featuring SNRS48, Half Baked, and [a:rpia:r]. Mark your calendars for early December as we celebrate 13 years with a birthday bash, a moment we’re eager to share with you. As the year draws to a close, brace yourself for our signature New Year's marathon party, just as you've come to expect.

​New energy. New pairings. And our constant desire to be your favorite escape room.


PS: Application for membership is now open. If you want to join all season long and take advantage of the Priority Line, guaranteed access, exclusive announcements & sets, and private sessions, this is for you. Apply here.


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