Herodot is standing out in the flourishing Romanian scene, with a style easy to recognise that bursts out in a general surrounding euphoria.
Moving away from the minimal conventions and playing with a wider range of tempos, he sticks out with a style owed to a remarkable dedication to treasure digging, often leaning heavily towards forgotten bombs dating back to the 90s.
Herodot’s selections are made with a palpable passion, covering a cultured variety of rhythmically playful and soul infused essentials. One of the most enlightening things about him is the way the Romanian DJ joins the dots between different genres of music, his sets being oftenly complemented by trip-hop elements, locking the dance floor into their groove.
Herodot is among the first of his generation of DJs to earn a reputation for his love of this frenetic style, indulging more freedom and less boundaries in the process.
In a scene where duality between mixing and producing is largely embraced, Herodot is engaging most of his energy towards playing, while supporting the development of the movement though its label Unanim and his acoustic engineering skills.

(Guesthouse | Unanim)