Club Guesthouse is the heart of Romania's underground electronic music.

The story begins in December 2010, by being an intimate cultural spot addressed to electronic music & related events in Bucharest.

Everything started with lots of passion and few resources at the intriguing house located on Traian 42, where “less is more” concept was implemented from its core, the place making a name for its authentic underground experience and the hardship of getting in.

Organically grown, the affair brought under its roof representative artists & newcomer talents of those days, together with a small circle of enthusiasts of the movement - giving an innate feeling of family - in an array of almost every night events.

The small audience, charming house & quality of the music played there crafted a certain aura around the concept, propelling some of the most thrilling memories of our lifetime.

The transition from a living room to a proper club started taking place in November 2013 in the industrial context of a former textile factory, on Popa Nan 82. The design of the club was manifested by a minimalist approach, with elements of 3D sculptured wooden boards, perforated panels, raw iron, neutral surfaces and accents of contemporary design.
Down the line, in 2020, we learned that the building hosting the club was destined to be demolished in favor of a mixed-use residential complex. Not long after that, pandemic hit, and we couldn’t have a proper closing as we sought to.
But in 2021 we found a new home - Timpuri Noi (New Times). Even the name was suggesting the beginning of a new era. While the venue is downtown, this aims to be a place apart from the chaos of the city.
The nowadays Guesthouse blends a beautiful contrast of natural wood panels and textural industrial accents. The result is a high-fidelity acoustic room, a space that feels undeniably fresh and modern, retaining a hint of cutting urban edginess. 
The space reflects through it’s sound-system’s clarity the whole range of emotions and stories that the invited artists want to propagate. The dance floor has uniform sound pressure, regardless of the position of the listener - sound is obviously a science and we take it seriously.

But what we love most about our home is who we share it with.

Although the space spreads across different rooms, we didn’t left behind our intimate spirit. Everything was considered to protect the vibe on the dance floor, whose main room sports crisp Funktion-One sound, while the lights are usually dimmed to reflect the styles of music played. In order to deliver a touch of class and shape our crowd, our discerning booking policy calls for balancing fresh newcomers, local acts and international renowned DJs to twiddle knobs in the booth. Establishing ourselves as a club of reference both nationally and internationally, during almost a decade of experience, we continue to be a statement player while delivering only quality and restlessly investing in our dream. Guesthouse is a common hangout for cultured clubheads, audiophiles and artsy students coming to disconnect with our close friends, intricate electronic music and immersive visual trips around the clock. As time went by, Guesthouse became notorious for its never-ending parties, spectacular sets and unforgettable memories.