Membership Rules

1️⃣   Become a GH member by signing up.
2️⃣   After your application form is reviewed and accepted, you’ll be able to access your profile on our website.
3️⃣   After logging in, you can purchase either a full season or a half-season subscription. This will give you unrestricted access to all GH events, as long as you have a valid subscription activated.

✔️ That’s it! At the first GH event you’ll attend, you will receive a membership card with your name on it. Its access features can be renewed for future seasons without having to register again or change the card.

All Guesthouse members, no matter if they have a valid membership card or not, have a series of benefits by signing up on the website:
➕ Access to exclusive mixes recorded live at the club
➕ Guaranteed access for all private events
➕ The possibility to buy online tickets in advance if you don’t have a valid membership card.
➕ Stay connected to our activity & the industry news
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