YOYAKU - an eclectic in-house manifesto

Yoyaku is a mosaic concept that started small, but developed in various directions at a fast pace, while looking out to enhance quality in every segment. The Paris-based record shop, agency, label and distributor has developed quite a reputation through a string of strong releases over the past few years. As well as releasing expansive influential minimal on their full range of associated labels, Yoyaku also puts on some of Europe’s best raves, coming to Guesthouse this November for a label night with its representatives.
In 2015, Yoyaku came up with the idea of having different record labels with different styles under one overarching label. They decided to affiliate them as sub-labels of yoyaku, combining different styles they love under the same umbrella. Until today, they’re portfolio sums up the series of 9 such sub-labels in the name of Aku, Hostom, Joule Imprint, TARTOUFFE, YoY, YOYAKUZA, YYK no label, YYK showcase series, YYY series. This determined them to also develop the logistics surrounding it, such as a design concept that takes care of the covers, their own mastering studios and also distributions.
The multi-concept comes to Bucharest on Friday, November 8th with a top selection of contemporary artists for a French-flavoured minimal night out. Taking control of the decks for their date at Guesthouse will be Cabanne, Roger Gerressen, Varhat and Zendid, showcasing their minimal house, mellow moods and sly beats as their signature sound.
The Yoyaku contingent has grown steadily in the past couple of years, becoming noteworthy players in the minimal scene. There are the widely renowned artists such as Cabanne and Maayan Nidam, freshly established talent such as Varhat and Janeret, artists who have proven their value such as Lamache, Lowris and Roger Gerressen, whilst also championing up-and-coming talent such as Zendid or Oshana. Each artist has given a part of their identity to the project, shaping the ‘Yoyaku sound’.
Hats off to Yoyaku for their commitment and dedication to develop their vision. We’re looking forward to their Bucharest debut on November the 8th.