A comprehensive list of inspiring producers on Bandcamp

It’s been 7 weeks now since we are watching the pandemic spiral from the seclusion of our homes and since the playgrounds emptied out. Our mental boundaries constrict to the size of our homes; music is one of those few things that keep us going no matter what, as if we’re running on invisible rails. We all need to drift off into dreamworlds and different places—if only for respite and self-care. 

At the moment, everyone is taking a hit. Artist's tours and shows are being canceled for the foreseeable future, since clubs and promoters around the world have their doors locked down. With such a major revenue stream drying up almost entirely, finding ways to continue supporting artists in the coming months is now a priority for anyone who cares about music and the people behind it. This is a reminder of how small gestures of generosity can spring from a shared passion for music and a sign of appreciation for the sound explorers around us.

We’ve put together a comprehensive list in alphabetical order of local & international artists who inspired us along the way. With recently created or updated Bandcamp profiles,  you can listen to their output at high-quality - be it archive materials, new studio work or highly desired tracks - and if you like what you hear and feel altruistic you can support them directly. Good music for hard times can be a powerful thing, right?

Alexis Cabrera

Addicted to freeform experimentation, Alexis craftsmanship is on modular synthesis, delivering a heady meld of peculiar electronic dance music loosely forming tech-house and electro, without conforming to either. His edit for DM ‘Everybody is looking for a reason to live’ leans heavily towards militant rhythms that emphasize his craft with style.





Arapu’s Bandcamp profile shares 6 studio works from his archive, his dark theme contrasting with the unfolding moods of the tracks chosen. While the different tunes share some stylistic similarities, each one brings a different intensity and feel to the mix. Take ‘hm’ for example - where he’s decided to go for pure groove that radiates freshness with every beat.




Arno's rhythmic frameworks are illustrated through his 2 albums currently uploaded on his Bandcamp. Everything is there to emphasize the soundsystem impact of the kicks and the power of the high-velocity groove. Try giving your full attention to ‘Head Straight’ -  it will draw you into a proper hypnotic state. 




Complex, peculiar, but always with groove at the forefront. Charlie’s bits of long-awaited studio work got released digitally through a five track album entitled "Postponed Future" - a statement that never felt so viscerally relatable. ‘Microwave surfer’ can be appreciated purely for its adrenalizing qualities while also rewarding close listening. 


ck (Cristi Klebleev)


CK has a distinctive improvisational character, leaping from idea to idea without losing its idiosyncratic sense of direction. ‘Lulu in the rain’ from his digital library is a flagship of sorts - the track feels like it brought a lost sliver of time back to life.




Cosmjn’s Bandcamp discography is divided into seven mini-movements consisting of microhouse and minimal vibes. ‘Days off’ comes with an easy and relaxed vibe, a suitable playlist for sunny spring break afternoons, pairing its moods nicely with Gitarre. What’s swimming beneath these gleaming productions is the cathartic energy associated with overcoming long weeks of isolation.



Craig Richards

Want to lose yourself in impeccably crafted rhythmic complexity? Check out Craig Richards - producer, record collector and Fabric’s 20 years main mind altering selector. Although his Bandcamp profile is brief, these five tracks are as good as anything he’s done. ‘My friend is losing his mind’ is by far a masterpiece designed to bring your mind to altered states that you should treasure, however disturbing it might feel.



Crihan reveals through his various digitally releases a distinctively gentle, contemplative style that caresses the brain without ever being anodyne. ‘Selectii din catalog, Vol. I’ illustrates 4 of his previous studio works, Eficientool being our favorite by far. 



Dan Andrei


Dan Andrei’s minimal-minded tracks have landed on his profile, shaped under a digital album entitled ‘Vreau sa ma simt bine’. The volume consisting of 8 tracks carries a heavy emotional weight beneath its seductive kick-drums, glistening snares, and perfectly synched 4/4 phrases. Cherry on top, the tracks are mastered by Vlad Caia. 



Dandy jack


One of the most talented music mechanics between Berlin and Santiago Del Chile, Dandy Jack - shares a digital discography that puts together discomfort and pleasure, abstraction and regularity, intellect and instant enjoyment. Besides his solo work displayed in countless aliases fun to discover, you’ll also stumble upon stirring collaborations with Sonja Moonear as The Junction SM. Definitely an eye to keep on!



Denis Kaznacheev


Born in Siberia, based in Berlin, Denis Kaznacheev has all the energy and complexity you’d expect from those diverse influences. His rich digital portfolio is all united by sounds that bend and swerve around one another in endlessly pleasing permutations. ‘Don’t Hide’ reveals his natural sense of melody and fidgety rhythms to his trademark electronic templates.  





Addressing his newly launched Bandcamp with a “less is more” approach, Dubtil displayed so far only 1 digital album consisting of six tracks so far. The album comes with a different experimental approach, and it seems designed to bring your mind to altered states, feeling simultaneously like an expression of a world gone mad and a stirring call to action. 




“Easy like a sunday spring” is Emi’s recent selection for a digital release. All the distinctive notes of these six tracks — from the chasmic “decat002” to the percussion of “soarevaluri” and the chattering birds of “timparc” are illustrating a blend of experimental and minimal music, but they also make for beautiful, brain-cleansing listen in their own right. 


Florian Meffert


Heading deep into details and maximizing on the space around the sounds, Florian Meffert style keeps a minimal bassline, with some oddball slices of vocal hopping around the mix for decoration. His discography is proper home listening minimal material. 





Gojnea’s Bandcamp is mostly used to express his alter ego’s and alternative experimental projects. Each track shows just how personal experimental sound-making can be. They also make for great close listening, as those messy details gradually give up the method in their madness. Desert Bucharest vol. 2 demands to be played on repeat, as you might find yourself getting drawn deeper in with each time.



Ion Ludwig

Ion Ludwig reveals an essential 20-tracks selection of forward thinking electronics entitled Hazeear. The artist encompases a wide array of approaches from cinematic to jazzish minimal tech,any of them disclaiming also a healing purpose.  His style reveals a masterwork of harmonious contradictions, pairing apocalyptic basslines with moody synth progressions in truly impressive artworks. 



Julian’s Bandcamp discography covers 4 albums, D’ale Noastre LP and 3 volumes of Laitmotive. With it’s latest digital release covering 10 lengthy tracks, these aren’t at all throwaway sketches: each one is seriously disciplined and a structured dancefloor musical exercise. 




Kozo shares a selection of 13 tracks from his archives splitted in two albums: Indoors stuff & Tracks vol 1. Most of them are live cuts, him playing in the studio with some drum machines and eurorack. His words? Dance on the ones you like, listen to the ones you love. 



Lizz’s 4-tracks portfolio spotlights a producer whose work is effective in both short bursts on the dancefloor and extended listens at home. His beats have been stretched out until they became gentle and meditative, nurturing a specific warmth—especially as that hypnotic groove takes hold of you. Gotta love ‘freez the moon’ tantalizing effects.


Maayan Nidam


Maayan Nidam shares a 11 tracks compilation of some of my favorite works from the past two decades, that got previously released at Wolf+Lamb, Freak N' Chic, Yoyaku, Cadenza, трип, Power Shovel Audio, Raum..Musik, Eklo. Each and every track reveals a distinct side of Maayan’s creative personality that she’s accustomed us with.  




Known and heard for treating the audience with dark flavoured soundscapes and subliminal disguised strong messages, Mihigh’s new Bandcamp portfolio includes two digital albums. The first one, entitled P e s c a d e r o, covers 6 mind bending tracks full of his flavor. Start your playlist with ‘Ricky Balboa’ -  spinning a dizzying web of sound. Recently, Mihigh released a second album entitled Rebel Blue.


Mischa Blanos


Born from the need to separate his acoustic-electronic music framed in the Neoclassical genre, Alimori alias serves Mischa Blanos to extend his travel in the pure electronic realm. With each track, A chair in the museum invites the listener to take the dance floor and move himself to techno as if contemplating in front of a painting. Sounds become visual, stillness becomes motion, unfolding four stories guided by kicks and beats, diffused themes and twisted fibres of melodies.


Paul K


Paul K’s tracks exist within or between recognised styles—but all are worth celebrating as distinct musical personalities. These six improvisations haven’t got any dramatic narrative twists, but a clear attention to crafting an extended and pleasing outcome.



Pîrvu has a remarkably crisp way with sound, with sub-bass tones and echoing rimshot fascinating in its own right. His digital releases stand out for the way they can make space expand and contract, turning and twisting around the listener, in an almost physically palpable way.




Six tracks produced by Adrian Niculae are now seeing the internet light through his Bandcamp portfolio and all of them are perfectly designed to tickle the sensitive corners of your synapses. “Bună dimineaţa” seems indeed the proper way to start your day. In addition, Priku added the first 5 Motif installments in digital format. 




There was always a mischief behind the meditative textures of Sublee’s tracks, an idea that translates further to his latest digital uploads. Provi-2 for example is such a cool record—being confident in the way it floats, it charges up the listener and grooves along. Even though it’s minimal, Sublee’s sound palette keeps you floating along naturally. 




‘Unlocked’ selection reveals various studio recordings from the past years.  Cadru 3 brings to the table some familiar elements, subtly tweaked with great patience so that they coax your mind and senses into their groove then take you somewhere altogether — a reiteration of a sound Suciu got known and appreciated for. 



Craving for the ultimate expression of utter excitement in electronic music, VincentIulian rich digital discography is unfolding his musical narratives. “Furtuna” is a 23 minutes odyssey - it’s a truly stirring track—based on repetition and steady accumulation, perfect for when you need a righteous adrenaline boost in the realm of generic tech-house tools. 



Support the ones who have crafted along the years sets and moments that fueled your self explorations.
We really hope when this is all over we can remember to appreciate the things we miss now.