SNRS48 reaches its 13th edition

Sunrise is curating its bi-annual 48 hours marathon at Club Guesthouse, guided by a strong ethic of perpetuating traditions and long term partnerships.
With its first edition in 2013, this weekend’s line-up consists of Bila, Cally, Cap, G76, Herodot, Kozo, Maher Daniel, Petre Inspirescu, Prichindel, Rainer, Tulbure and Zefzeed. Real-time visuals are curated by Cote, Pareidolia and Noetic, taking care of the aesthetics of the event.

The around the clock music exposure opens new channels of consciousness for those who listen, being best described as an introspective experience. The effect can be profound; it’s gratifying in a somatic, comprehensive way that is difficult to reduce or dissect.
As demand grew throughout the 12 editions happening so far, so did too the importance of crowd curation: the event is private and only those who match a certain vibe are allowed to enter. The principle behind is that you have to build the party from the front door. In addition to this, the decision to have mostly the residents play, all of whom are ambassadors for the same minimal, dubby sound, creates a consistency of output.
You always know exactly what you were going to get when you turn up at SNRS48  - there are no surprises. This all contributes to a special feeling in the club. Get ready for yet another proper sonic marathon at Guesthouse.
[GH Team]