Fabe brings his empowering sound to GH008 Podcast

Hailing from Germany's mainland - Mannheim - is a sound that’s resonating internationally thanks to a select choice of producers known as BE9 community that have been able to create their own path using their own mediums and resources. A notable character from that creative hub is Fabe, who has been a driving force behind a colorful & empowering sound, both as a DJ and producer. Parker-Lewis resident is embedded in the realms of minimal techno with a natural flow running through his vibes, powerful kicks and groovy sounds that make him stand out.
Recorded this autumn at Guesthouse, the set reinterprets his roots in a contemporary way. Fabe crafts this happy voyage by spinning a dense web of cuts targeted straight at the dancefloor with fleetings sparks of energy, a rhythmic imperative that a party needs to sustain itself. Glazed with finely-carved hi-hats and other hissing bits of sound that slice into the treble, the mix sets an exciting and danceable tone.
Fabe’s bassline-powered tracks are at once techy and minimal, while he’s been stitching these styles together with a refined finesse.
GH 008 feels vibrant, challenging and intricate, guaranteed to have you in a daze.