Discover our first release - gehas001

Throughout the club's history, we have been fortunate to constantly encounter performers and DJs who we've collaborated with in establishing an exciting dance floor year after year. The club has played host to influential names in electronic music, whilst also helping to support the growth of local talent.
We wanted to take matters into our own hands further, so creating a label imprint was the natural next step after our residence manifesto and an affiliated booking agency. It’s a welcome window onto a universe of under-the-radar club music that deserves more shine – more precisely, to be released on vinyl - in a catalogue that will display an unmistakable identity - the GH spirit. The release of the first EP of Club Guesthouse - gehas001-  is coming from Pîrvu, one of our residents and a sound design wizard with a remarkable ear for detail; while also including a special remix from Rhadoo.
The 12-inches sports ‘’ on the A-side, a track that immediately stands out, challenging our perceptions of harmony and structure for the better. Stripped-down but propulsive, the track showcases expressive friction passages, fractured vocals, chunky four-to-the-floor grooves and an addictive driving bass, all infused with a rich sense of melodic, rhythmic and textural innovation.
‘In fat ca petele’ illustrates an elusive atmosphere, deepening surface and depth into a fresh electronic dialect of modern mirage. Spiralling the listener through its wicked speech and rhythmic drills, Pîrvu keeps placing the horizon just ahead, and also just out of reach.
Rhadoo is rearranging molecules in the air on the flip-side, delivering a minimalist remix. The vocals seek out some darkened hues, with brooding frequencies and a certain attention to the low end, giving the subs a proper work out. The bass poetry is emphasizing Rhadoo’s flair for subtle electronic treatments that create distinct and hypnotic sound worlds - making it another vital dispatch from the Romanian pioneer.
Our musical mining operation not only makes a case for the longevity of minimal music but also offers space for what it will sound like in the future. Grab a taste of what’s to come below.

Artwork by RDF
Mastering and Cutting at Scape Mastering
Release date: 07.12.2019
Preorder: Playedby |
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