The hardest words to write

Some years ago we had a dream.
To bring together under the same roof representative artists & newcomer talents of our days, cultured clubheads, audiophiles and artsy students, offering them the chance to disconnect from routine daily life and sometimes harsh times.
To indulge our crowd with intricate electronic music and immersive visual trips around the clock, in a place that reflects through it’s sound-system’s clarity the whole range of emotions and stories that our beloved artists want to propagate.
To build a safe and cosy space for everybody to cheer as a second home. A place of tolerance, acceptance and mutual respect, where we can share ideas and experiences together. A place to lose yourself in order to find yourself and to connect together to something else.
We called it Guesthouse.
Against all odds we fought year after year to keep it alive and growing. Step by step, season after season, our dream became reality. A new milestone for Guesthouse is in sight. It is with a heavy heart we have to announce that next summer the building hosting us is destined to be demolished in favor of a mixed-use residential building. Since we’ve moved here, we’ve continually invested in upgrading this space for years and transforming it into a proper club, improving it constantly and returning all our earning in creating the space that it is today.
So what will happen next? We will continue to operate in the current location until end of May 2020. There’s no doubt we’re taking all necessary steps in finding a new location to call home as soon as possible. At some point in the next year we will relocate. If you have Guesthouse on your wishlist, then you should definitely be joining our family for at least one last rave at Popa Nan 82 - a place we’ve put so much energy in designing - to give the current club the send-off that it truly deserves.. We hope that this will provide us with the opportunity to build something new - to start a new chapter for Club Guesthouse. To take what we've learnt and grown over the last nine years and create a new space - our lucky third relocation hopefully.
Thank you for all your support. We’ll keep on fighting, that’s a promise !
Love, Guesthouse Team