For the record: Playedby Staff

"We have an hour left," says the captain.
Our last Hurrah. The asteroid impact is imminent and unavoidable at this point.
"Play us your last ten songs for the last dance and let's go out with a bang," he adds.

“Everyone.. just heard the news from NASA. The Planetary Defense Officer confirmed that this is our last hour on Earth.. That’s it. It’s over. I can’t believe this is actually happening. Words are really hard to find now. What to do when there’s nothing left to do?!”

Everyone is left speechless. As each second goes by, our thoughts spiral, almost mourning... -  *Dark Boys - The Prayer starts playing in the background*

All our life flashes before our eyes. Our family & friends, our passions, the great connections, our evolution and culture, everything will disappear and turn into ashes. Some have lived their lives at the fullest, others just existed. *Gater - Taboo gets masterfully mixed into the first track*

It’s definitely a Rainy Day on our fragile planet. *Rainy Day starts spinning, which gives you the feeling you’re standing in a shower of raindrops, in the middle of a storm*   

While we rush on doing the things we love most in the time left, we realise we’re lucky to acknowledge that we only have this short frame of time ahead. A last chance to make things right. *Call us Phreaks, but maybe we’re Gonna Find A Way*  

We’ve seen so many movies about the end of the world, we must find some sort of shelter.. *Javonn - Garage Shelter kicks in*

Safe or not, we’d really love to listen to *Gotta Release*, a ‘96 jam. Now is all we have.

 No matter what, in the end we are *together forever*.

Clock is nervously ticking. The end is getting closer.

To A Nation Rockin (On A Long Journey) makes for some sort of anthem in this script. This gem is guaranteed to get your heart pumping.

When did it got late so soon? We need to listen to The Bassqueen one more time - an esteemed classic which stood the test of time.

Can’t skip Emi’s reinterpretation of Adam Ben Ezra’s “Can’t stop running”. Highly addictive arrangements for our last minutes on this planet.

The happy ending is left to Markus Nikolai & Nina, from Superlongevity 3. I don't know if you've counted, but instead of 10 tracks we've picked 12 because Time Too Short To Finish The Mix .

The End.
<pink noise>