Cynosure steps up to celebrate two decades at GH

By the book, cynosure is a person or thing that is the centre of attention or admiration. Likewise, Cynosure Recording carved out a niche for the distinct type of electronic music that it creates, collects and shares - being highly respected for its output.
Launched at the turn of 2000 in Toronto, Cynosure is one of the imprints responsible for a wave of minimal house and techno emerging from Canada. Relocating its headquarters and influences in Berlin, the label curated by Mike Shannon evokes a steady flow of refined, refreshing and futuristic electronic music that suits our dancefloor effortlessly. 
Encrypted in their sound-DNA, the record label with the same name kept a clear vision to remain headstrong and continues to support the underground sound. Luckily for them, the music they release speaks volumes on its own. We feel it’s mandatory to highlight some of the most notables releases throughout these 20 years in the game. 
Cynosure 013: Badminton EP by Bucci & Pink Elln
Cynosure 017: Sovjet Supreme EP by Sieg Uber die Sonne
Cynosure 040: Under the Radar by Mike Shannon
While Cynosure’s 10 years anniversary was celebrated at Fabric London, for their 20 years birthday bash they are coming to GH, pitching a performance supported by a cast of selectors and producers that includes the label founder itself together with Ernesto Ferreyra, Ohm Hourani and Herck.
Join our dedicated party, as Mike Shannon’s standard-setting label steps up to celebrate two decades down.

Cynosure Recordings 20th Anniversary