The Volks returns to GH for the 4th time

After it’s launch in December 2013, the Moscow-originated nomad concept the Volks has often been considered as a synonym of intimate events with quality lineups. The Volks reveal themselves both on their stomping ground - at Mutabor, Gazgolder or Squat 3/4, but also around the world, adding its hallmark on the programming of Club der Visionaere, Closer Kiev or here at Guesthouse. Their wanderer temper maps a collection of places and crowds with whom they fervently resonate and connect to deeper levels. 
When it comes to programming, the Volks lineups are always showing a fair and perfect mix between international stars and local talents, setting up the bar at high stakes. Besides the great bookings, there is always a very special vibe associated with the Volks reunions. 
After their 5 years celebration and a statement showcase at Epizode taking place in the blissful island of Phu Quoc, the Volks will cross our threshold again by welcoming Rhadoo, Sonja Moonear, Dan Andrei, Velv.93 and Zots. 
“For the fourth year in a row we come back to our favorite spot in Bucharest. A long-time partner in crime club Guesthouse and the Volks team up to deliver the perfect club experience. Best friends, new names, residents – we’ve missed this night a lot!

Davai The Volks