For the record: Julian

For The Record’ is one of the GH Blog series which is dedicated to digging. For each episode, the team at Guesthouse asks one artist to select ten tracks, all playing on a theme of their choice. We turned to Julian ahead of his performance at the club next weekend for his collection of 10 records and a selected topic.
"We have an hour left," says the captain.
Our last Hurrah. The asteroid impact is imminent and unavoidable at this point.
"Play us the last ten songs for one last dance and let's go out with a bang," he adds.
"Wow! This is the moment to establish our last connection...
 People, let's have an amazing last hour together!"
1. Rub800 - Universe
The countdown until we become a new form of life in the "Universe" starts now.

2. Baby Ford & Zip - Clean Hands
Baby Ford and Zip will transpose us into the meditation state one more time...

3. Hakim Murphy - Vortex
Our mind it's like a "Vortex". Time is short... let's just keep positive.

4. Ricardo Villalobos - Dummolator
Let the master guide you into the unknown, there is nothing to be afraid of.

5. ZXC - Room
It's silence in the "Room"... we can hear only the piano, simply amazing. It's a must to play this track one more time...

6. Melchior Productions Ltd. - Love
This incredible feeling we call "Love"... can you feel his intensity in your last minutes? This is what will bring us survival.

7. Alien Disco - Bleen
Bleen! Bleen! Let's abandon us to the music...

8. Callisto - Never Again
The special vibe is provided by none other than Callisto... what a track for our last minutes. Brings all your emotions to surface.. just take a deep breath and let the memories run into your head.

9. Paul Hester - The Voyage
"The Voyage" will start very soon...

10. Massive Attack - Blue Lines
"Efforts are minimal almost at zero."
The End.