Sammy Dee delivers GH009, steering Perlon’s brand of minimalism

For the 9th installment of GH Podcast we check in with Sammy Dee, steering Perlon’s brand of minimalism. His top-notch DJ sets have been blowing minds for more than two decades, so we are ecstatic to have him curate GH009. 


Sammy channels of joyous energy whirl around the speakers throughout the 100 minutes recording captured at Salon Zur Wilden Renate in Berlin. His approach brings to the table gradual development to a groove-driven set that showcases playful, expressive strains of minimal, chugging 4/4 beats and some funky electro-tinged minimal tech house, all flawlessly mixed as he’s accustomed us. 


Darting effortlessly between the vastly different elements of his arsenal, Sammy's set is a frankly exemplary exhibition of how the very best minimal is both effortlessly groovy and mind-melting. Stitched together with the lean and punchy fare that's Sammy's bread and butter, Dan Andrei’s “I Want You’ is inciting a kinetic energy amongst other records used by him in this selection.  


Sammy Dee has become known for a specific yet expansive sound, loved by people who like their music lean, loopy and well structured. His environment plays a direct role in influencing the shade of his musical output. Ultimately, it’s talent that unifies everyone in the Perlon family. If you like what you hear, you may want to consider heading up to GH on 21st of February to check out his performance at ToiToi’s 10 years anniversary tour. 
We’re always up for a blood-stirring listening experience. Hit play!