For The Record: Tribute to Andrew Weatherall

The late 80s and 90s were a special time to be in your 20s in the UK. The list of Andrew Weatherall’s achievements as DJ, musician, songwriter, producer and remixer could fill a hefty volume. His unique ability to create a sonic atmosphere that spoke to a generation was a joy to behold, providing a musical backdrop to a magical time.

ToiToi crew enacts a moving, insightful and filled with love tribute in his honour, compiling a handful of releases of an unrivalled legacy. While we’ll not get the chance anymore to see him perform, his music will undoubtedly create spellbinding moments many more years ahead. We praise his valuable heritage. 
Two Lone Swordsmen - Spin Desire

Sammy Dee: I met Andrew in 1995 at Neuton where I was working back then.

Two Lone Swordsmen - The Bunker

Sammy Dee: He has always been an inspiration to me and will be forever.

Two Lone Swordsmen - Glide By Shooting
Isis Salvaterra: This is a classic. Listening to this takes me back to a particular and special time in London. Played by pretty much everyone in our scene and beyond this is a timeless piece of music.

Two Lone Swordsmen - Neuflex
Isis Salvaterra: Year is 2000 and the album is Tiny Reminders on nothing less than Warp Records. Neuflex is a breakbeat rhythm track matched with a killer bassline and high-pitched acid effects. The overall track is so tightly made (especially drum programming wise) which consequently gives you that beautiful ‘lose’ feeling to ride on.

Primal Scream - Loaded
Vincent Lumieux: Like a lot of teenagers who grew up in the 90’s, Loaded was a song that struck you the first time you’d hear it. I know i was pretty obsessed with it but didn’t even know at the time who was behind the production. I only discovered much later with my first job in a record store. It’s also about that time i first heard Tiga playing Sticky at Sauna in Montreal, the club where he had a residency back in the days. Needless to say i was in a record shop on Monday buying the 12”.

Two Lone Swordsmen - Sticky 45rpm

Two Lone Swordsmen - Rico's Helly (Original Mix)
Doris Nicholas: Blissful morning classic from the duo which Andrew formed with Keith Tenniswood. Surely this track warmed the hearts of dancers all across the globe, and will do so forever.
Ricardo Villalobos - Dexter (Two Lone Swordsmen Mix)
Doris Nicholas: Symbolic remix in which he doesn't hold back to turn a stone cold minimal classic back into new wave/post punk fashion. Artistic free state that is thought of by many, but dared by few.
Andrew Weatherall - All That's Left
Alex Troubetskoy: That beat ... nothing i  found more thrilling the vibe of a good techno track but with the softness and fluidity of an acoustic drum, especially on this one the texture of it all is just so good.
Andrew Weatherall - Saturday International
Alex Troubetskoy: Again with the beat, simple, so much class, and that melody after the break at 3:35 gets me everytime.

Saint Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart [Andrew Weatherall's 'A Mix In Two Halves' Remix]
GH Staff: we consider this remix one of Weatherall's finest moment: that chest-rattling bass is the star!

Last but not least, for diggers and audiophiles likewise - the Bloodsugar mixes are a treat worthy of attentive listening.