Arapu crafted a collection of audible experiences on the lastest GH podcast

Arapu has earned a devoted underground following, thanks to his carefully considered selections and mixing, which blend hypnotic minimal tech with low-slung deep house.

For the 10th installment of GH Podcast, Arapu crafted a collection of audible experiences, a clever mix that deploys a variety of textures and subgenres, laced with a fine array of eclectic baselines. Technical proficiency is present and vital but only part of the picture. Arapu’s style involves a deep connection with his records, one that lets him join the dots throughout music to create a fluid, mesmerising journey for the listener. It’s as groovy as you’d expect from him to be; getting tied together nicely without sacrificing any effectiveness.

During the mix, the breakdowns always seem to end at a perfect moment, notching up with energy each time the blunt kick returns. The sporadically surfacing vocals — ethereal and evocative — do the rest of the work throughout the two hours of recording.

Mixing up styles and moods, but always focused firmly on the dancefloor’s needs and desires, Arapu’s set has structure, precision and most of all, driving energy. There's a suspension of time somehow, but there's always motion.

Sure to be appreciated by those lovers of groovy, minimal productions.