Mihigh displays his dark elegance on the latest GH Podcast

Purpose-built to take your mind away from your troubles and into a happier place, our 11th GH podcast instalment comes from Mihigh. His set recorded last year at SNRS48 stirred together an assortment of hypnotic tracks, compiling into a personal and powerful musical vision.


When it comes to Mihigh, his sonic identity revolves around a strong personality, introspection, experimentation and a particular hearing perception that helped him sculpt and define his own trademark, both as a DJ and producer. 


With emotional complexity expressed through his minimal sonic gestures, Mihigh distributes energy through subtle, based on repetition and steady accumulation, managing to captivate from the beginning to the very end with ease. The 2 hours and a half recording brings to the table a peculiar style of story in constant development. You may hear hints of guitar riffs, twisted vocals, an angelic voice choir, spine shivering laughs and a dozen other thrilling scenes or sounds in these tracks — always in the minimal 4/4 structures at a pace of 122 bpm. 


The mix lights up a red lamp around you and makes you feel like you’re on our mythical GH dancefloor, surrounded by strange and beautiful trippers. If you give it your full attention, we promise it will draw you into a proper hypnotic state.