David Nicolas guides us through the latest GH Exclusive Mix


The seventh instalment of GH Exclusive Mix comes from David Nicolas, part of the tight and vibrant Mannheim group & the Robert Johnson crew.  


With an energy that has already positioned him on the radar of many crowds and dancefloors, David (previously half of the Sedee duo) spent years engrossed in club culture before making any steps toward playing music, and it’s tempting to see his mixing and selections skills as reflecting that step he’s taken out of the rave.


Throughout the 2 hours and a half, the exclusive mix carries a yin-yang of bright, gleaming melodies rhythms colored by rave influences, encompassing an overall loose feel you’d expect for a home listening. Its carefully-wrought sound design is paired with varying approaches to rhythm,  peppered with emotive synth smears and seldom vocals. 


“This podcast is very special for me as I had some of my best club experiences - both dancing and playing - at Guesthouse! I love the mood and the sound, especially the light vibe. After an inspiring night, I went to my place with the friends I’m in quarantine with and recorded it. When I re-listened to the mix I recognised that it fits to the sound of the club very well! It could be a 100 % David Nicolas Guesthouse set, which made me very happy.” says David.


Hit play and let it carry you to better places.