GH012 takes a dive into John Dimas' sound

GH012 podcast comes from John Dimas and is fueled by a strong sentimental value - it was recorded at Parker Lewis’s club closing party in January 2020. We can only imagine how their final chapter was both utterly special and emotionally charged, while we are thrilled to share some of the last tunes played on one of the best German dancefloors. 


John Dimas - the Berlin-based turntables specialist -  sparked the collective energy with oozing laidback charms of the contemporary minimal house scene. Drawing upon vintage UK tech-house and more modern fare, along the way you’ll get nodding by breakbeats, electro-flavoured cuts and tumbling house beats between contemporary and throwback, all put together by an artist who has a special relationship with grooves.


The mix opens up seductively with Speedlearn produced by Higher Intelligence Agency, while later on Ex-Terrestrial’s Mojave Skyline casts a spell and pins down one of the recording’s peak moments. The ever-shifting rhythmic systems are a knotted marvel surgically mixed, the overall effect being transcendental. By the end you’ll understand how evolution and unpredictability are actually the two things that are essential to John, which he always incorporates when mixing.  


Well executed and richly varied, GH012 shows Dimas' full range. 


Enjoy this trip towards very rewarding territory.