GH Exclusive Mix: Alci

The latest issue of GH Exclusive Mix comes from Alci, the Zurich-based artist with Turkish roots. Alci’s entry into DJing had an unlikely beginning before discovering turntables, via Hip Hop, graffiti and street culture. 


Igniting his passion for music, his taste has evolved over the years, shifting into the electronic world where he now places his sound between funky house grooves and minimalistic techno. He also carved his own sound as a producer, a move that predated a string of acclaimed releases for labels like Apollonia, Seeingsounds, RobsoulRecordings or Meander among others


For our series, Alci has put together a mix that showcases his strengths every time he steps into the booth: loopy minimal-tech infused storyline tailored for detail-hunting ears. 


Liking a reduced and hypnotic sound, Alci starts the mix with a dry minimalistic approach, making some accommodation for visitors. With each extended track, he gradually introduces each element with patience, featuring heavy basslines, running vocals and undulating chords, leaning towards a more dub-inspired beat science. Along the way, Alci keeps the drive going while maintaining a certain mood and arc of suspense.  The second half gets unusually illustrative & groovier, cruising through driving house tracks in a sleek style, dipping into floaty summerish territory throughout. 


Let’s get a taste of what Zurich’s underground is all about.

Listen on Soundcloud or Youtube.