Audio Werner introduces us to his slick minimal sound in the latest GH Podcast

For the next two hours we’ll get teleported on the wooden dancefloor of Club der Visionaere, at the traditional Tune In residency monthly party on May 17th 2017 - that’s 3 years back in time. Lucky us - this is how Audio Werner chose to introduce us to his slick minimal sound in the latest GH Podcast. Andreas - the man behind Audio Werner project - did a technical processing to elevate the sound quality, while also adding some small touches - a sign of a selector dedicated to acquiring the level of quality expected.


Audio Werner about this mix: "The original sound quality was pretty poor, left side had almost no bass. I panned the both sides, did a low cut on both and added a copy of the side which has the bass mono with a high cut. As that worked surprisingly well I then I took it to my studio and ran it through some magic circuits and equalized it while recording which tremendously increased sound quality. While I was doing this I thought why not overdub here and there with some own sounds, it could be fun to extend the usual spectrum of a podcast. So I recorded some synths and put some snippets here and there. Not too many though but usually I don't add anything when releasing a mix. So basically it's the mix uncut in its raw version but here and there you´ll notice some atmospheric pads or little additional sounds which could´ve been in the record but actually aren't ;-) "  


Judging by the meandering yet crowd-pleasing bassline, GH013 is a builder rather than an attention-grabber, a deep effort that’s sure to receive plenty of play from fans of groovier minimised sounds. 

Listen via SoundCloud or YouTube.