GH Exclusive Mix: Andrei Ciubuc

This week, we're shining a light on a local artist we've supported since the beginning. In the driving seat of this exclusive mix is Andrei Ciubuc, who shares part of his set from the club, recorded at one of the terrace livestreams during isolation. 


Andrei Ciubuc specialises in a reductionist, hypnotic style of minimal with tech-house influences - which organically turned in him being one of our residents closely affiliated with the club. The set we’ve unlocked finds Ciubuc in a sweet spot, stripping down electronic ventures to its essentials, gliding between subdued and trippy club cuts with a nimble finesse.


Along the 3 hours recording, you are left with an implied beat in the music’s steady pulse, percolating along with that deep groove. Both the selection and surgical mixing are making for this essential mix strengths, gradually homing in on a sleek, punchy and dreamlike sonic departure. 


From ultra-fine minimalistic terrain through to bouncy party fare, this is one of those sets that enact nostalgia and remind us of Sundays after hours affairs when the sun would slightly peak in through the colored wooden boards and the dancefloor was in total harmony. We’re sharing this to remind ourselves what we have to look forward to. Till we meet again!