We’ve teamed up with Supermarket for a showcase night on Swiss grounds

When it comes to clubs linked to the electronic music industry, there are few out there that manage to have an ongoing development and make a trademark on this challenging and constantly changing scene for more than a decade. Zürich’s club Supermarket is one of them, making a statement for longevity and ever-lasting passion for the past 22 years. Supermarket is one of the main axes around which clubbing in Zürich and nowadays Europe revolves, with design, experience and sound quality continually in mind.


For all the right reasons, we’ve teamed up with Supermarket for a showcase night on Friday, 25th of September, on Swiss grounds.


Representing the club’s flavour, G76 and Zefzeed are bringing to the table a top-notch sound, where every listen is memorable. There's a heavy, elemental vibe to their sound, thanks largely to the duo's bold and straightforward 4/4 beats. The gloomy outcome is a reveal of their mental landscapes, clearly breaking all patterns through the way they suffuse their music with layers of nerve-wracking ambient textures, keeping things excitingly dark.


Come and experience the Art of Club Guesthouse on the 25th of September at Supermarket.