Goodbye Popa Nan 82. Long live Guesthouse!

This is a symbolic farewell to our dream hub of joys, Popa Nan 82. 


Truth be told, this place meant everything to us. A constellation of elements aligned, propelling the dance club to a mythic status.


A safe space to break free from what went on in our everyday life, a place of visceral connection and inclusivity, where everyone felt like they belonged, was accepted and respected. 


In addition, some of the most amazing artists of our times and taste performed here, most of them confessing they felt deeply challenged and stimulated by the local excitement. The enthusiastic crowd played a major role in it, for whom we are so grateful for, supporting and inspiring both us and the guest artists weekend after weekend - we couldn’t make it without you. 


Guesthouse is about intimacy, human connection, and the sense of belonging, things that are not really encouraged these days. We depend on one another: crowd-artists-crew, and sooner or later, in old or new ways, we will get together and dance again. One body close to another, with a music first focus, at the same level with the DJ, surrounding the red lamp.


We are now closing a big chapter in our clubbing lives and also a rough year. Let's all embrace 2021 and make space for a brighter future.

Happy new year dears! A new home is almost ready for your love!


Regie: Silviu Vișan 

Peformeri: Florentin Cassonnet, Renate Dinu, Paula Dunker

Costume: Atu Body Couture, Ioana Ciolacu

Styling: Paula Dunker, Alex Ifimov, Maria Mora 

DOP: Radu Voinea 

Muzica: Silviu Badea 

Producție: Maria Mora și StudioSet