Club Guesthouse here. Did you miss us?

New Home: Welcome Timpuri Noi 

Finally, we can share with you something we have craved so bad lately to reveal: we found a new home. Our third and hopefully our definitive one, because it perfectly aligned with our desires. After our mythical beginnings at the house on Traian 42, continued by the beloved Popa Nan venue (that we’ve never really got a chance to say goodbye properly), now it’s time for our residence at Timpuri Noi (New Times). Even the name is suggesting the beginning of a new era.

While the venue is downtown, this aims to be a place apart from the chaos of the city. The space is very generous, but we made sure it will have the same intimate feeling we have nurtured in the past 11 years: a welcoming atmosphere for all the music lovers.

Just to tease you a bit, the new Guesthouse is blending a beautiful contrast of natural wood panels and textural industrial accents. The result is a high-fidelity acoustic room, a space that feels undeniably fresh and modern, retaining a hint of cutting urban edginess. 

Now you probably have one question in mind: when will we party together again?  
We hope clubbing will be allowed soon, but until then, we will activate a different concept, broadening our identity.

New Concept: A way to connect with music that you’ve never experienced before

Along the years, music and the social connection it generates was at the core of our DNA. When it comes to appreciating the simple joy of engaging in music, we are all the same. The time off emphasized even more its impact in our day-to-day life and led to the discovery of new means by which we can offer a broader range of quality listening experiences. 

Rooted in the joy of crate digging and listening to that music in the best possible environment, Guesthouse will also be a listening bar for 6 days a week, along the club-side during the weekends that we’ve accustomed you with (whenever the time comes). 

We want both the artist and the listener to feel truly immersed in their surrounding and experience music on a whole different level. An elevated listening experience outside the club-hours, a bar that will complement your drinks with premium performances, playlists, and hi-fi sound.

Being an alter-ego, Guesthouse Listening Bar will showcase a variety of musical genres and styles, quality being the common trait that ties everything together. A place where artists can express themselves without genre restrains, compromise or pressure, on a laid-back atmosphere. We plan on having various guests playing in front of you often, making the most of the crystal-clear sounds, in a bar designed to please both audiophiles and a more casual crowd alike. 

We imagine it will fit in perfectly with the vibrant audiophile community in Bucharest. 
We are working on the last details before we open the doors and welcome you in. Stay tuned, we can’t wait to get together...