GH Exclusive Mix: Zero Gravity Dance Company

Zero Gravity Dance Company is a self-perpetuating organism for the creation of exploratory music curated by Gojnea/G76, Zefzeed, Charlie & Suciu.

On July 8, Guesthouse Listening Bar hosted an exclusive jam session with a tetrad improvising live in our studio-like room, where the audience was glued to the floor, under the spell of the intricating live performance.

The 4 punks worked together towards a common goal and blazed their way towards freedom, harmony, and mental rewards. This collaborative effort is defined by analog electronic music that nurtures and influences a ritualistic groove.

/Gojnea/G76 ( percussion, synthesizer, electronics)
/Zefzeed (modular synthesis, sound fx )
/Charlie (modular synthesis, sound fx )
/Suciu (synthesizer, sound fx, sampling)