Cap & Arno deliver the first edition of our new B2B series

Cap & Arno are familiar faces in the minimal clubbing scene and have both DJed in many well-known clubs over the past decade. It was an obvious choice to bring the two together for a night of clubbing, as their effortless chemistry and easy-going attitude propagated in the entire room. They get music, and they get digging even more.

The mix was recorded in early September '21 at our new venue and captures the energy and excitement of the dance floor, the experience, and the dancers of that night. It pumps from the get-go and is sure to thaw you out throughout the chilly month of February. 

Roaming the genres with a light-hearted attitude and a clear vision of fun, the set is full of unexpected twists to throttling bass, spiraling synths, cheeky drums and break corners that are bursting with passion, vibrancy, and magic. 

No less can be said about their selection, which drifts unconventionally through styles, eras, tempos, and moods. Sehr lustig!