G76's idea on how to make a crowd of music specialists dance

For The Record 'is one of the GH Blog series which is dedicated to digging. For each episode, the team at Guesthouse asks one artist to select ten tracks, all playing on a theme of their choice. We turned to G76 ahead of his performance at the club this weekend for his collection of 10 records and his selected topic. The chosen theme was: "You are sent to year intimate party to play. At the time of your arrival you are told that the crowd is mostly musicians, producers and people in our scene. How Would You Make Them Dance?"
Baltazar - Valval

It's the kind of record that fits easily anytime.

Markus Suckut - Turn On

If the script would switch and I would be in the crowd, I would definitely enjoy listening to this on the dancefloor, more than I could in the Dj booth between the speakers.

The Stripper - Come And Get It

At the risk of seeming out of focus, on this track I would let the needle flow from the first kick to the end.

Martinez - Untold

The records I own from him - in a pretty high number - have a special spot in my records collection. I found his work from the recent years of a very high quality.

Ibrahim Alfa - Take What Is Yours

This vinyl has been bought from a record shop around 2010, with a sleeve much easier to describe as broken rather than mint and with nothing written on it - most likely a test press. Only a few years later when I checked Ibrahim Alfa on Discogs I've rediscovered it, I was listening to "Take What Is Yours" and I soon figured out why it sounded so familiar to me.

Secret Cinema - Timeless Altitude (Minneapolis Mix)

DJ Slip - a fantastic producer, he is part of the Minneapolis project. Although I have several of his releases and I have kept digging his work constantly over the years, this collaboration has slipped through my hands. A close friend of mine and the other half of Locked & Loaded - Zefzeed - introduced me to this track.

Pure science - Ooaahh

After getting home after Sunwaves - the third edition, I've rigorously looked after some artists work and from one release to another I stumbled upon this record. Everytime I hear it I go back in time, that precise state of mind is so finely replicated that my sensorial memory brings back the smell of my home from that particular time.

HITSAFE - Serious Jaw-Work (Lopazz & Casio Jane Remix)

On the first audition it looks like a kitch track and you skip it. On a second listening, you realize something must be wrong with it, but it's also catchy, some kind of guilty pleasure. Heard later on and b2b between Fumiya Tanaka & Thomas Melchior, it made me give it another chance. I've never played it still, I'm not sure I'd have the guts. By the way, this is the official video.

Fumiya Tanaka - Bijay

Since I've previously mentioned Fumiya, it might sound childish, but when I mix this track I would love if the mixer gain could have a +1, just like in the movie This is Spinal Tap.

Little Green Men - Time Changes

Time changes, but when it comes to dancefloor music, this is my all time fav.