Charlie & Topper take us on a sonic journey on our B2B Series

Charlie and Topper are two masters of their own sounds who know how to bring a party to life.  When done properly, combining like-minded selectors, the right environment, and a receptive, curious crowd, a back to back set has the potential to elevate us beyond the realms of each respective DJs individual identities. 


The most important thing is a willingness to meet in a middle ground with the other person, to create something other than what you'd normally do on your own. Find the right chemistry, and you end up with an assortment of records that compliment each other really well. 


That’s exactly what we’ve experienced during Charlie’s and Topper gig at the club this January. The mix is energetic, playful and quirky, and the result is a special session that feels much more than the sum of its parts.


The friendship between Charlie and Topper surpasses the nightlife borders, and you can tell that by the way they complete each other when playing b2b. Tune in for a special night out with Topper, the contemporary Berliner with hippie Italian roots who joyfully teamed up with Charlie for a fine spectrum of straightforward 4/4 grooves inside our industrial walls.

P.S. Charlie is playing this weekend, rounding up Arapu b2b Priku. More about the event here.