For the Record: Dragos Ilici

For The Record, a series on the GH Blog, is all about discovering new music. Before his return to the club this Saturday, we asked Dragos Ilici to name some all-time favorite records that he enjoys listening to at any time. 

“I've made a selection of 10 records that I love and that I find timeless. These are tracks that I resonate with, some are very comforting and pleasant while others are more introspective, like a trip into a labyrinth, playful and intriguing, where you don't know what to expect next, but it's seductive. Enjoy!” said Dragos when sharing the track list. 

Eat Static - Abnormal Interference 

Mami Koyama - Kalimba 


Tino - I Like It Mambo 


T/O/L - Where's City Boy?


Slick 'N Flash - Sunny Side Up 

KV5 - Giraffe 

Chris Korda - Charlie’s Big Break

Koop - Glömd 

POD - Northern Lights 

Pocket Club - Free Mousse