Guesthouse Season’s Closing Party | June 17 & 18

Dancing for hours. It’s special. 


Mid-June weekend marks an intimate 30 hours affair and a full experience of our dancefloor's atmosphere, one last time until fall. 


Next to the NYE, the signature showcases and our birthday celebration, the season closing party is one of the most special events produced by our team, as we transport beyond a ‘one night stand’ for a two-day rave celebrating the sound and ethos of our home, on 17th & 18th of June.


The lineup was build around some mainstays at our club and some first-timers that we we’re following for a long time to book. Let’s do a short dive through this season’s closing party line-up. : 

  • Cap nails it. His fluent sets go from subconscious subtleness to downright groovy frequencies.
  • Dan Andrei’s grooves transcend time, space and every other known limiting concept.
  • GojneaG76 can either play a sick DJ set or a jaw-dropping live with all of his own material as it should be.
  • O.bee & Tomas Station - Resolute NYC’s affiliates and curators of Digit, for the first time in Romania.
  • the Waves live is the one woman band by Maayan Nidam. 
  • Rhadoo - nuff said.
  • Sugar Free is a Berlin-based producer and DJ heavily in the spotlight. Expect warm, up-beat house influences. 
  • Zya is our home-grown curious and exploratory digger. 

Tickets are live. Get the first in.
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