Prichindel shares his high-energy mix on the latest GH Podcast

Prichindel started mixing a couple of years ago and he quickly made a name for himself, as his distinct groovy style caught people’s attention in no time. He’s bringing forward an energetic blend of house, minimal, progressive, breaks and electro. He is not only a nice guy but also a great selector and skillful DJ, known for his tracks filled with breaks and subby basslines.

Having already gained a reputation for narrative-driven sets that combine everything delicious from the worlds of house, breaks, minimal and electro — Prichindel delivers an intense mix for Guesthouse, recorded at the infamous SNRS48 in February 2023.

From Harry Light’s ‘Take A Journey’, to the Dub edit of ‘Lumina interioara’ from Doubtingthomas, Prichindel gives a taste of his current musical influences across an unrelenting hour-and-something-long mix. With his feet firmly planted in the groove, it comes as no surprise that there are lively vocals and enjoyable moments nicely intertwined.

No genre boundaries, just vibes.