GH020 spotlights VincentIulian's hypnotic dive into minimal

Carving a niche from the eclectic Romanian scene to international dance floors, VincentIulian’s musical imprints span from iconic labels like Metereze, Eastenderz, and Atipic to collaborations like the 'Theory EP' with Barac. In GH020, VincentIulian showcases a distilled essence of his signature sound.

Stripping down to raw, intelligent essentials, GH020 evokes the minimal magic reminiscent of the [a:rpia:r] Ibiza era of the late 2000s. However, VincentIulian ensures it's not mere nostalgia. This fresh, crisp, and hypnotically looped offering beckons listeners into an enchanting dance realm.   

Tracks are stripped down to their essence, resulting in a mix that's both intelligent and grounded. A foundational bassline that commands movement creates a warmth reminiscent of two pieces of wood crafting a rhythm. Its rhythmic cadence seamlessly blends acoustic drum elements, guiding listeners through spiraling tones to be immersed in. 

It’s full-bodied, sprinkled with just the right dash of melody to satiate audiophiles.

Dive in and let VincentIulian guide your rhythm. It’s an expedition for the soul, designed for the discerning ear.