Elia Nafzger mixes GH::024, a joyride through warm grooves

Originating from the vibrant cultural intersection of London, Elia Nafzger is now becoming part of Bucharest's electronic music scene. As a committed DJ and music producer, Elia brings a sincere approach to his work, both on and off the decks. He has had the honor of performing at prestigious venues such as the iconic Fabric and the intimate Berlinesque Hoppetosse.
GH:::024 is a selection from Elia's recent performance at Guesthouse, showcasing a mix of house, deep house, and minimal tracks, including several of his productions.
Be sure to listen to the podcast and catch Elia's live performance this weekend at the Danube showcase at the club (tickets here). If you're interested in genuine conversations, don't miss our brief interview with him.
What drives you?
Primarily, I would say music, friends, and family.  They are all the biggest driving factors in my life for sure. But also I would say the desire to constantly better myself as an individual. I believe self growth and character development are such fundamental part of our existence.
What kind of music makes you tick?
It’s a complex question because it can’t be narrowed down so easily. I would certainly say that music heavily relies on context and mood. So certain types of music make me tick In certain types of contexts. But I know for sure that I like it when it’s deep. My taste extends to all planes of the music field, which is not necessarily defined by genre. More so the track's tone and the feeling it leaves me with.
How would you describe your mixing style and selection?
Well, I’m still trying to figure that out myself, to be honest. It varies depending on what slot I am playing. I love the idea of blending tracks in a certain way that almost creates a whole new track and a story, and somehow it seems like making music on the spot. 
What inspired you to pursue this passion?
It’s the only thing I know to be completely transparent. I knew from a very young age that this was the only thing I was going to do with my life. Music has such a key component since I was born. I’m pretty much useless at everything else. I live my life by the words “tout pour la Musique” meaning everything for the music. 
Who do you admire the most?
I am super fortunate to be able to say I admire my friends around me the most. I am so grateful and honored to be surrounded by really amazing and inspiring people. Also, I can say that in terms of DJs and artists, I am inspired by such a massive amount of people. But at the top of the list is Rhadoo :)
What is one of the best or most worthwhile investments you’ve ever made?
Easily the most worthwhile investment I have ever made is the time I spend digging and producing music. It’s simply the most rewarding thing I have experienced in my life and the most valuable thing I possess. First-hand, I have already reaped so many rewards from it in a short amount of time. I truly believe everything you give to music will come back to you. I lead a happy life and always will because I live a life of purpose and passion.