A chat with... GENE ON EARTH

 Gene on Earth, the 35-year-old Californian turned Berliner, has been stirring the underground scene for more than a decade with his sleek, leftfield house anthems. As the curator of the Limousine Dream record label and a celebrated DJ, Gene brings a unique flair to the electronic music world. 
Before the Limousine Dream showcase at the club (info here), we caught up with him for a quick, yet intimate chat about his journey, his ethos, and what lies ahead.
Gene, with your significant impact on the underground scene, what would you say is your superpower or secret sauce in navigating the music world?
I think being able to sustain focus and enthusiasm for multiple different projects over a number of years has allowed us to create a universe that people know they can rely on to be there for them - something to feel a connection with and come back to year after year.
You've been involved in numerous projects over the years. Which one would you say has been the most fulfilling for you?
It’s hard to say really - each one nurtures a different corner of the universe and I don’t think it would be complete without any of them - and there are more to come! I will say, maybe just because it’s fresh in my mind, but the process of bringing the Rave ‘n’ Cruise party to life this past February was extremely rewarding. 
Can you share more about the ethos behind Limousine Dream?
The goal is to bring the best music to the most people, without ever letting the desire for more supersede the importance of quality, or in other words, selling out. 
Failure often leads to growth. Do you have a favorite failure that set you up for later success?
My previous alias, under which I played and released music for around 8 years, never reached a level that I was happy with, or with which I could support myself. Realizing that the project may be a dead end, I stopped it entirely and during that time created Gene On Earth and Limousine Dream.
If you could broadcast a message to the world, what would it be?
Be who you want to be, not who they want you to be.
What's one of the best investments you've made in your career?
Taking 4 months out of my life, and buying and learning how to use video equipment and video production software, in order to create my Nug-Net course. This has allowed me to support an entire wave of up and coming artists on the subsequently created Nug-Net label, while teaching over 2000 students a concrete way to create ideas and turn them into music. It is also what supported me during the second half of lockdown and made it possible not to get a job.
Everyone has quirks. What's an unusual habit or absurd thing that you love?
I have a lot, but one that seems to amuse friends of mine the most is that all year round I go on to my balcony while still soaking wet after my morning shower in only a towel and do a series of stretches, visible for all the world to see. My partner thinks it’s funny to lock me outside like that sometimes.
In the creative world, not all advice is golden. What are some bad recommendations you hear in the electronic music scene?
I can’t think of any bad advice, but I can think of some good: Don’t rush - you can’t edit your discography.
With so many tracks out there, do you have a favorite that stands out for you?
Spin spin sugar…

Looking at the current scene, who do you admire the most and why?
I admire anyone who is able to create a sustainable career and a niche for themselves that flies above and independently of trends and fads.
Can we expect any exciting releases from you or Limousine Dream in the near future?
I am just about to announce my first release in a few years at the end of this month. 
Out of all the places you've played, do you have a favorite crowd or venue?
It’s a bit cliche coming from Berlin, but playing in Panorama Bar is the biggest dream come true, and always gets me to prepare harder than anything else. There’s nothing else like it.
Radio Limo has been catching a lot of ears lately. What's the story behind it?
This is just a place for people from the label, or friends of the label to strut their dj stylings, and highlight something other than their studio work that we normally promote.
Finally, are there any emerging artists you believe we should watch?
Aside from the usual suspects I count as good friends, I would encourage you to keep an eye on Reflex Blue and Admo as two artists with stunning live sets and immaculate productions.