Misbits affiliate and record-collector oddist presents the latest GH Exclusive Mix

Misbits affiliate, record collector, and prodigy oddist shares the latest addition to our GH Exclusive Mix collection.

Oddist's fresh energy is instantly recognizable, whether he's in the crowd or taking over the DJ booth at Bucharest's top venues.

His eclectic taste spans from jungle to ambient, downtempo to techno, house, and other club-oriented genres, peaking curiosity about music.

Discover his selection in the Exclusive Mix or catch him this Saturday at the club, plus read an insightful conversation we had with him, below. 


What would you say is your DJing superpower?


Being able to make mistakes and not 'torment' myself over them. (in the past, making mistakes while DJ-ing would instantly ruin my mood)


How would you describe your current DJing style and how has it evolved over time?


I would describe it as being a bit chaotic, yet playful. In the recent past, I've been trying to blend multiple styles of electronic music in my sets. When doing so, it usually works out well, but it's a fine line between managing to do it well and failing.


When I first started playing music, I was pretty narrow-minded, I did not really pay much attention to the multitude of styles out there. I can say I stepped up the game about 4-5 years ago when I actively started digging music without setting any genre boundaries.


Who in the music industry do you admire the most and why?


This is a tough one! I have deep respect for a lot of artists from the local and international scene, too many to list. 


One thing is certain, ever since I first heard Rhadoo play, I have been mesmerized by his technique and selection. I can say he played a major role in shaping my understanding of what a DJ and selector could be.


Miss I is another key figure who helped me become a better person and artist. Ever since I started working at Misbits, back in 2019, she has been like a mentor to me.


What is an unusual habit or absurd thing that you love?


Unusual habits.. the first that comes to mind is that I start making weird noises when I'm around my close friends.


What's your favorite track of all time and why does it resonate with you?


I don't think there can ever be just one favorite track, preferences shape over time, but for sure there are tracks that will forever stay in my memory. 


One such track is "Deepside - Prelusion", it has the perfect balance between energy and calmness, if that makes sense. 


It's one of those tracks that gives me a feeling I don't know how to describe using words. 


What excites you the most about getting back to play at the club? 


Being able to do what I love in a place of high quality like this one is more than enough reason to get excited! 


I keep close to heart every opportunity I had to play in Guesthouse. Hats off to everything you've done so far! 


See you very very soon!