Raoul Rechnitrz interviews Samuel Roher ahead of this Saturday's performance with Ion Ludwig

Known more for his solo work and live sets Ion Ludwig is set to bring a collaborative live show to Guesthouse this weekend alongside Samuel Rohrer, of Ambiq fame. Both men are set to improvise, bringing together a project that is looking to grow and shift.
At the very centre of this both men will have a lot of hardware, from Samuel’s live drum kit to Ion Ludwig modular system. Coming at the project from different angles, the pair will be working alongside each other in a cross between electronic and acoustic sounds. They have asked for quiet in the room, and the earlier concert style performance will be very different to the rest of the night. Sonically brought together by a sound system built and treated by Herodot, there will be chances to hear true emotion before what is set to be a Toi Toi to remember. Both producers in their own right have risen through the ranks in slightly different arenas, Ion Ludwig played acoustic guitar and African drums, but his work as an electronic producer and live act are what he is known for. Samuel Rohrer seems to be a real powerhouse of production, for many years purely playing live percussion instruments, especially the drums, but more recently coming together with some of electronic music’s most influential characters to form this mix of acoustic and synthesised electronic sounds. We spoke to him about the project and why he is excited to see what the outcome will be.