Club Guesthouse Residence Manifesto

We are all massive listeners and collectors of music ourselves and Club Guesthouse is a passionate extension of this.
The club has always acted as a launch-base for whiz players: we are dedicated to finding DJ's who will come down and play us music that we haven't heard before, giving us and the crowd a proper musical experience.
We’ve got Andrei Ciubuc, Dragos Ilici, Dubtil, G76, Herodot, Julian and Pirvu doing the resident honours and being our in-house actives. It's about finding new and interesting and diverse music, while supporting and developing that. The enlisted artists have our vote of confidence. Exposed to the same audience on a regular basis will allow our residents to establish themselves as better sound curators and to approach the craft of playing records differently. We consider that putting together a comfortable environment for them will allow them to express themselves and evolve at a faster pace with our full support.
Being actively involved in the scene we are part of, we aim to represent our resident artists interests further than our nest, managing their bookings and helping to shape their careers paths. Is our ongoing commitment to promote quality music through new and interesting artists with care and attention.
Discover more about our residents on their dedicated category - GH Artists.
For any artist inquiry, reach us at