On Our Guestlist: Margaret Dygas

It’s one thing to produce a great track, but we are only complacently sold when we've also heard a thrilling set from a DJ. Though there can be no set formula, they ought to tell a story, to somehow progress coherently while remaining unpredictable, and provoke some sort of interior renovations to their listeners. They’re not easy to master, not everyone should do both, but there are some dedicated sound painters out there that are simply doing a tremendous job on each aspect. Producing, mixing, track selection and attitude - all flawless - while we can only imagine how much pressure and hard work that involves.

On our guestlist features artists that are outstanding in all the aspects mentioned above. That’s why they often get to be on our guest list.

Originary from Poland, with her ears trained in New York, ripened in London and refined in Berlin, Margaret Dygas is an artist whose sound possesses a true international resonance.Her broad musical background fuels her desire for electronic experimentation within her music, while her productions and dj-sets incorporate the deep and dub-influenced sound she loves, whilst retaining the driving funk of her musical past.Under the tutelage of NSI.’s Tobias Freund, Dyasiewicz – that’s Dygas to you and me – is making some terrifically serious producing work, as heard on her EPs for Non Standard Productions, such as Test the West or See you Around.

Perlon’s invisible circles entouraged Margaret as well - the tight-knit label who is as notorious for their obsession with sound quality as they are for their wild parties. It was after moving to Berlin that she famously took up residency with Ostgut, meanwhile forming a close relationship with Club Der Visionaere and Zip’s Perlon imprint.She’s been responsible for some of the label’s most memorable records over the last decade. Just look at this three-dimensional jam of hers - its spine-tingling energy could be perfect in the right scenario. As so many other classic labels shuffle off into irrelevance, there's something reassuring about Perlon's ability to stay on top of the game.

Like many of the best DJs on Perlon , deep digging has shaped Dygas’ diverse playing style. Trippy minimal, Detroit techno, dubby house – you’ll hear just about everything in one of her sets, woven into a twisting narrative that sounds like no-one else.

Above everything already mentioned, Margaret’s warm personality is one of the main reasons watching her play is so compelling, her presence being always remarkable behind the DJ booth.“It’s a gift from the universe if you are able to live from what you really love. It’s unfair if people live their lives and never find that thing. Some things are harder to live from than others, but if you find something that you really love, and you get to live from that, even to the minimum, that’s enough! I wish everyone the same luck. It’s about finding that magic for yourself.”Let us raise a toast for the opening of a new season ahead, as Margaret Dygas will drag our consciousness into her dimension.

Credits Photo: Kay Ross
Curated by Bianca Iulia