G76 offers a broad cross-section of his taste in a new exclusive mix

From the depths of the Romanian electronic music scene – specifically Bucharest – emerges a frank and authentic artist - G76. The sound pilot’s contribution to our exclusive mix series offers a broad cross-section of his tastes, mostly letting his selections do the heavy lifting.
Gojnea’s programming intro is set on curating sounds from the vanguard of lo-fi hip-hop and trip-hop, showcasing electronica from the defining outreaches of the industry with inception that go from Brooklyn to Moscow. Eschewing genre boundaries, a lot should feel out of place: change of tempos appear throughout the podcast, crossing uncompromisingly. These glitchy bits instead end up tying the whole thing together, the slightly downtempo fragments feeling like a chemical reaction taking place in real time.
In a masterful, off-the-cuff demonstration of how to mess with modern templates, experimental trip-hop, illbient and G76’s musical cornerstones - distinct minimal-tech - all bleed into each other with a new sense of depth and consideration over more than 90 minutes span. His percussion style flows with an implicit quality into his electronic arrangements, returning enriched with seductive energy as the intensity builds.
Selectors with the ability to truly boggle your mind are rare—any DJ can throw down a few unknown gems, but it takes a dedicated digger to stack their sets with them and approach a bold association of genres like G76 did in this exclusive mix for GH, his high-fidelity sounds feeling both piercing and immersive with a futuristic tone.
Our exclusive mix feature is about DJs indulging a side of themselves and really drawing it out for maximum impact because, after all, the thrill is often in the chase.