Julian reveals his foraging for records passion in a new exclusive mix

Julian invites us to a special adventure of his inner world, filled by modern minimalism and his love for foraging for records. Unfolding across the course of 97 minutes, his mix comprises multiple textures and tones, designating a headspace while allowing the music to spiral out on compelling tangents.
Fuelled by the intriguing basslines and array of metallic-sprung minimal elements, Julian traverses an engrossing blend of atmospheres. The sound design is full-bodied and powerful, with plenty of low-end presence, developing a sound that continues to dominate the record bags of DJs associated with minimal.
Viscous frequencies sink and resurface, complemented by trippy vocal samples and chugging beats slipping in and out of focus, locking together to create hypnotic magic.
Julian’s taste for crisp and dynamic sounds finds its expression in the mixing, with soft melodies and powerful grooves creating disembodied imprints of an illusory atmosphere. Even in its most exultant moments a sense of intricacy is etched into the nucleus of his sound.
With a big passion, refined style and meticulosity, our resident is building up his fanbase through audacious extended spells behind the decks. His new headquarters will serve his development, crafting the perfect environment for his artistic career development.