For The Record: Ferro

"We have an hour left," says the captain. Our last Hurrah. The asteroid impact is imminent and unavoidable at this point.

"Play us your last ten songs for the last dance and let's go out with a bang," he adds. Here they are.

Frank Haag – Dash Of The Diabolical
VBX 6, could not leave this one out of this selection.

Pyramids – Future Drift

How I like it.

Psyance – EQ

Epic and dark.

Kumquat kids – Seventh Hour

Classic underground 90’s

Microman – Microhouse

A real journey

Thor – You Are All Lost

They should teach you this track in high school

Villalobos – Theogenese

Never fails to hit me, uplifting minimal in a Ricardo coat

Tommy Vicari Jr – Halloagin

The heavy bass will pierce through everything.

Seafoam – Soul Partner

Still a bit of summer on my mind. Perfect beach track.

4 NO UFO'S (feat. Juan Atkins) [Luciano Remix)

Luciano bliss, brings me back to my first days of underground house music.