Get Perlonized! - The Secret To Superlongevity

Perlon has its own design for living - and for working, producing, listening, and of course partying. Perlon seems to push the concept of the record label itself to a conceptual extreme, turning a brand into something more like an ongoing work of performance art, a kind of living thing.
Vinyl-only label Perlon has defined the sound of electronic dance music over the last two decades, recognized as one of the genre-defining labels in the world of minimalistic and experimental tech-house. Founded in Frankfurt but currently based in Berlin, the concept has a roster including Ricardo Villalobos, Fumiya Tanaka, Maayan Nidam, Cassy, Tobias Freund, Daniel Bell, Baby Ford or Shackleton to name a few.
Get Perlonized! is one of Berlin’s longest running parties. Held at Panorama Bar on the first Friday of every month since the Berliner club opened in 2004, it’s amassed a dedicated following, with dozens of diehard regulars attending each edition, the most recent taking place on 4th of October.
The second half of October sees Perlon members in two notables performances: closing ADE on 21st - a haven for quality dance music, showcasing electronica from the defining outreaches of the industry in Amsterdam; and ending the tour in glory at Guesthouse in Bucharest, with a marathon-sound exhibition curated by A Guy Called Gerald, Ivan Iacobucci, Fumiya Tanaka, Sammy Dee and Zip.
The reasons for the party’s passionate fanbase are obvious. For starters, founders and residents Zip and Sammy Dee have become known for a specific yet expansive sound. Get Perlonized! is regarded as a bastion of purism and tradition, loved by people who like their house music lean and loopy.
While Perlon has grown to include dozens of artists, it remains a close-knit affair. Indeed, the label family has expanded almost entirely by virtue of mutual friends and chance meetings.

Get Perlonized at Guesthouse on 26th of October