Half Baked - celebrating one decade in the game

London, 2009. Half Baked founders and brains - both with long standing histories in the business side of the music - decided to create a different Sunday party concept.
Known for their nomadic afternoon gatherings, Half Baked hold their parties in spaces exclusive to them, taking what might otherwise be just another warehouse or open space and adding the Half Baked touch to their venues; always with raw industrial style, causing an atmosphere of a less-than-legal venue. Since then, they've also added Saturday nights to their London repertoire, often welcoming artists from the minimal end of the house spectrum.
In 2013, the co-founders decided to launch a vinyl-only label to showcase new music from names associated with the party. After Birdsmakingmachine, Mike Shanon, Shonky or John Dimas, the Londonese label featured SIT as part of their producers crew in their most recent release - ‘Spectral Animation’.
Their <10 Years of Love> tour started in the spring of 2019, spread across multiple events in London headquarters and abroad, with eight main parties planned in London, plus a showcase at Printworks in April, when RPR Soundsystem came to town.
For this autumn, the concept includes a three-venue anniversary celebration in November— visiting us in Bucharest, Studio 9294 in London and another location soon TBA. We have the pleasure of being joined by tINI on November 1st - perceived as one of the most charismatic DJ, along with Arapu and Sam Bangura, all three supplying the vibe for the evening.

Throughout these 10 years, Half Baked crew has reached new levels while staying consistent in delivering quality, throwing parties in cities right across the world such as Berlin, Barcelona, Miami, Istanbul, Sydney and Beirut. Let’s give them a warm welcome while celebrating both the anniversary and our connection with the Londonese afterhours concept on November 1st. 

Half Baked: 10 Years of Love Tour at Guesthouse